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Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras Flir E8




Hot Springs


Mud Pots

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


Yellowstone Caldera, sometimes referred to as the Yellowstone Supervolcano, is a volcanic caldera and supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park 


Geysers are hot spring in which water intermittently boils, releasing energy of a tall column of water and steam into the air.

Hot Springs are hydrothermally heated water.

Mudpots can be forms of a viscous, often bubbling, slurry.  It is an acid and microorganisms decompose surrounding rock into clay and mud with limited amount of water available.


Which is hotter in Yellowstone National Park?  A) Geyser   B) Hot Springs C) Mudpots


Let see the correct answer the use of an infrared camera Flir E8.

All photos are copyright by Rose Home Inspection, LLC 2020


Let see the correct answer the use of an infrared camera Flir E8.

Geysers and Hot Springs are producing and releasing stream and gas, which take less energy and are lighter, than the thickness of mud (mudpots) which takes more energy to be released into the environment.

 All Photos are copyright by  Rose Home Inspection, LLC 2020

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