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Ferret WIFI Tool

 Work Safer, Work Smarter, Reduce Risk,  Save Money, Save Time, Safer, Work Smarter. Reduce Risk, Save Money, and Save Time.

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You tube video of how Ferret Wi-Fi works

I am a Certified Master  licensed Home Inspector.   I also sell the new Cable Ferret WiFi Tools. It makes inspecting safe, easier and time.  Let’s face it time is money and safety is important.


I know you will enjoy the YouTube video.  2 minutes

Preview YouTube video “Cable Ferret Wifi tool use in a Home Inspection of a gas furnace” by Rose Home Inspection, LLC  2 minutes


   Cable Ferret Wi Fi in the dishwasher 2 minutes

     General information


I sell the Ferret Wi-Fi with the stick for $165.00 each plus shipping.  


  • Built-in WiFi hotspot, wireless & rechargeable – Provides a high-resolution live stream with a wireless range of up to 50’ (15m)

  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery

  • IP67 dustproof & waterproof

  • Free & easy to use App – Easy to use, intuitive Free Ferret App allows control over the camera

  • 720p HD streaming – Crisp clear images with 720p high resolution provides real time photos & video directly to a smart device

  • Adjustable bright white LEDs – Easily glides into confined dark crawl spaces. Bright white LEDs help investigate, locate, diagnose & fix problems

  • Digital zoom function – View objects closer with the Ferret App digital zoom

  • NEW Ferret always up viewing mode – In the Ferret App setting screen select to have the image view either normal mode or always up mode

  • NEW App controlled variable focus – Focus down as close as 2.5” (6cm) to see fine detail. Focus out to infinity for extra clarity

  • NEW Super fast charge – Charge Ferret from flat to 95% charged in only 1 hour

  • 24 Month replacement warranty (extended warranty available)


  • Visual inspections

  • Cable installations

  • Inspect for maintenance and repair work on the job

  • Very fast and easy to turn on and link to your phone so perfect for a quick look

  • Record photos and videos direct to your phone’s photo gallery

Ferret Tools is creating the future with new thinking and innovation in smart inspection camera technology to help build an easier and safer work environment.

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