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Is there lead in my drinking water?



"The Chicago Tribune first reported in 2013 that the city water department and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had found high levels of lead in Chicago tap water after lead service lines had been disturbed by street work or plumbing repairs, including the installation of water meters."...In April 2018, a Tribune analysis revealed that lead was found in water samples drawn from nearly 70 percent of the 2,797 homes that returned free testing kits provided by the city during the past two years. The toxic metal turned up in samples collected throughout the city, the newspaper found. Tap water in 7 of every 10 homes tested had lead concentrations above 5 parts per billion, the maximum allowed in bottled water by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration."

We can test city and well water for contaminants.  Please call (630) 512 1976 or 


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